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Self-playing White Baby Digital Grand Piano


Self-playing White Baby Digital Grand Piano

Product No.:DG152

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High Polished Self-playing Piano DG152 White Baby Digital Grand Piano:
Sound source Japanese sound source
PCBA Imported USA semi-conduct Hi-Fi chip. PWM technology (Pulse Width Modulation) of multi-layer density makes high-fidelity timbre. French DREAM processor.
 Piano Shell made of high density board, it is high pressure molding, painted for more than 13 times, water polish, sand polish by hand.
Keyboard 88-note Top quality Fatar Wooden hammer action keyboard
Finish piano baking paint, highly polished
Instrument Voice 128 PCM voices(128 ordinary voices and 25 natural voices) +10 percussion music voices
Touch Control Soft, Middle soft, Medium, Middle strong, Strong
Polyphony 128 notes
Demo Songs 21 practice sounds
Mute Practice YES
Function Demo, Modulation, Dual, Keyboard separation,Metronome,Reverb,Harmony,Chorus,Tremolo,Transpose,Music storage,USB,Recording,Playing ,MP3,etc.
Chords Single finger, Multiple fingers
Accompany control Start/Stop, Synchronized start/Synchronized stop,Intro/end, Fill A/Fill B
Metronome 6 kinds
Sound Controls Master volume, Treble, and Bass
Recorder 2 track
Pedals Soft, Sustain, Sostenuto
Connectors Headphone, Aux in/out, USB MIDI, Pedal , AC input, USB
Speakers 30W*2
Dimensions L148.5*W152*H102.5cm /4.9*5*3.4ft
Weight 210KGSpecification:
Product Model: DG152
Specification: L148.5*W152*H102.5cm /4.9*5*3.4ft
Color: Black/white/red(OR Ebony polish, white, walmut, etc)
• 88-note, fully weighted, graded Italian hammer-action keyboard with wood-embedded keys and adjustable touch sensitivity. Can be installed with self-playing system.
•128 voice polyphony, 128 preset programs, 6 one-touch recallable user presets.
• Internal stereo speaker system with rich, natural sound.
• The Pure Sound Engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a meticulously sampled, acclaimed concert grand piano, allowing for incredibly dynamic and expressive playing.

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