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Custom Transparent Acrylic Upright Piano with Crystal Piano Bench for sale


Custom Transparent Acrylic Upright Piano with Crystal Piano Bench for sale

Product No.:G-123C

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Product Model: G-123C
Packing details: Wooden pallet, single item
Weight: 260kg
Color: Transparent
Product Description:
Hammer: Selected seasoned wood, and Germany Hammer Felt. Applying supported technique from Germany and Japan. With scientific casting process and strong internal tension, our hammers are stable from weather difference and have beautiful sound performance.
Original Germany Top Hammer.Waterproof. solid wood walnut, beffa.
Pin block: 17 layers excellent stained wood hard maple-designed rigidity and superior holding power.
Keyboard: Choice straight grained spruce. Throughout scienfitic and strict production process, our keys are able to ensure high stability. After professional adjustment, it has wonderful key touch and flexiable response for the players.
Action: All wood, imitating the design of German Renner, all the action parts are standard through an advanced digital equipment production. It has high strike-resistance. The lowest standard by destructive test can reach 500,000 continous beats, which is far beyond the industrial requirement of piano action. Under consistant temperture and humidity control, our action has strong weather-resistance. With patented CENTER needle production and special CENTER treatment, We cound ensure the safe running of piano action in different weathers.
Strings: Japan Suzuki Strings. The sound is bright and rich.
Tuning Pin: Nichel plated, steel cut-thread.
Back frame: All spruce, solid spruce core plus 2 spruce epidermal applications. Well radiates a large volume of sound over a while frequency range.
Bridges: A grade hard maple. The middle and treble uses whole design and bass of cambar. It ensures optimal transmission of sound vibrations.
Metal plate/Skeleton: Sand-cast, CNC processed. The plate is made of hard manganese steel and weight 89kgs. It assures our skeleton of high stability.
Soundboard: All spruce, solid spruce core plus 2 spruce epidermal applications. Well radiated a large volume of sound over a wide frequency range.
Cabinet: Environmental lacquer and mirror polish with high quality glossy metal parts. The modern and classic appearance brings you pleasant visual enjoy me.
Fallboard: Slow fall down design.
Pedals: 3 pedals, cooper-plating iron.
Logo: Using laser nanometer electroplate technology.
Bench: Matched, crystal.
Plate: Sand cast, CNC processed.
Surface: Glossy.
Finishes: Ebony polish,Walnut polish,Mahogany polish,White polish, etc.
Adjustable piano crystal bench, Slow descent enginery,High-class accessories box.
(Remarks:Slow descent enginery be guaranted for one month,the accessories is not guarantee;If there are differences between actual materials and pictures,please subject to our avaiable products.)

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