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Custom PianoDisco Self Play System Acrylic Transparent Grand Piano 190cm


Custom PianoDisco Self Play System Acrylic Transparent Grand Piano 190cm

Product No.:GP-190A

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Product Model: GP-190A
Size: 1700mm X 1510mm X 1020mm
Color: White or Ebony polish
Hammer: Original Germany Top Hammer.Waterproof. solid wood walnut.
Pin block: 19 layers excellent stained wood hard maple-designed rigidity and superior holding power
String: Top Roslau Germany String
Keyboard: Solid spruce; after accurate adjustment, it reaches its best sensitivity and touch.
Keys: Ebony black keys, Solid spruce; after accurate.
Action: All wood, imitating the design of German Renner, all the action parts are standard through an advanced digital equipment production.
Back frame: Fine Spruce
Pedals: Integral full copper chromeplate.
Logo: Using laser nanometer electroplate technology.
Slow fallboard: Yes
Seasoned for Destination: Yes
Finishes: Ebony polish,Walnut polish,Mahogany polish,White polish.
Bench: Adjustable piano crystal bench, Slow descent enginery,High-class accessories box.
(Remarks:Slow descent enginery be guaranted for one month,the accessories is not guarantee;If there are differences between actual materials and pictures,please subject to our avaiable products.)

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